C U R I C U L U M  V I T A E



Born in Weimar, Germany.

Studied at the Academy in Augsburg for four years and graduated

with honours and an degree.

Arrived in Sydney in 1970 and returned to Europe for two years,

travelled extensively and exhibited in Munich and Augsburg, (Germany).

Returned to Sydney in 1975; studied etching at the Willoughby Art Centre.

Has held numerous solo and group exhibitions since 1974.

Painted  Garry McDonald, Australian actor and international author 

Thomas Keneally for the Archibald Prize.

Represented in the National Portrait Gallery Canberra with the painting

Thomas Keneally and in numerous private collections in Australia,

USA, England and Germany.

Exhibited many times in the Wynne Art Prize and in the Dobell Art Prize

2003 with a drawing of Professor Peter Pinson.

In Germany he exhibited in 1983 and 1984 in the Grosse Kunst Ausstellung in Munich.

Member of the AWI since 1984; Peninsula Art Society.

Bibliography: Neville Drury, New Art Four, Craftsman House, 1990;

Julian Fagan, Uncommon Australian, Towards an Australian Portrait


Lives and works in Sydney.







1977    Sydney      Robin Gibson Gallery

1978    Sydney      Wagner Gallery

1980    Sydney      Wagner Gallery

1982    Sydney      Wagner Gallery

1983    Gosford     460 Gallery

1987    Sydney      Coventry Gallery

1991    Germany    Himmlisch Wohnen Gallery

1992    Sydney       Espace Alliance Gallery

1993    Sydney       Fry Gallery Nuernberg

1994    Canberra    Beaver Gallery

1997    Sydney       North Shore Art Gallery

1998    Germany    Himmlisch Wohnen Gallery

1998    Germany    MSB Gallery

1998    Sydney       North Shore Art Gallery

2000    Sydney       Norton Gallery

2001    Sydney       Wagner Gallery

2003    Sydney       S  Gallery



2006    Sydney       Artarmon Gallery



2009    Sydney       Wilson Street Gallery



2010    Newcastle  Cooks Hill Gallery



2011    Newcastle  Cooks Hill Gallery



2011    Sydney        Wilson Street Gallery



2012    Sydney        Peter Pinson Gallery



2016    Sydney        ARTSITE GALLERY




1973    Germany    Schwaebische Kunstausstellung

1974    Germany    Schwaebische Kunstausstellung

1976    Sydney       Wynne Prize NSW Gallery

1977    Sydney       Wynne Prize NSW Gallery

1978    Sydney       Archibald  Prize NSW Gallery, 

                                Garry McDonald

1980    Sydney       Wynne Prize NSW Gallery

1981    Sydney       Wynne Prize NSW Gallery

1983    Sydney       Wynne Prize NSW Gallery

1983    Germany    Grosse Kunstausstellung Munich

1984    Germany    Grosse Kunstausstellung Munich

1986    Sydney       S. H. Ervine Gallery, 1987 - 2000

1988    Sydney       Coventry Gallery

1989    Sydney       BMG Fine Arts Gallery

1998    Sydney       Mosman Art Prize, 1990 - 2004

1990    Sydney       Archibald Prize - Thomas Keneally

1991    Sydney       Bridge Street Gallery

1991    Melbourne  Fine Art Gallery

1992    Uncommon Australians - Brisbane, Melbourne, 

                                 Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra                               

1996    Sydney       Archibald - Salon de Refuses - 

                                 David Aspden

1997    Sydney       SCECGS Redlands

1997    Sydney       Wagner Gallery

1998    Shanghai    Wagner Gallery

2000    London       Portrait Exhibition

2000    New York    New Century Gallery

2001    Sydney       Artamon Gallery

2003    Sydney       Dobell Drawing Art Prize 

                                 NSW Gallery

2003    Sydney       Mosman Art Gallery

2004    Gosford      Gosford Art Gallery

2005    Gosford      Gosford Art Gallery

2005    Sydney        Artarmon Gallery

2006    Sydney        Mosman Art Gallery

2007    Sydney        Mosman Art Gallery

2008    Sydney        Mosman Art Gallery 

2010   Sydney        Mosman Art  Prize


2012   Sydney        Mosman Art Prize





2013   Sydney        Mosman Art Prize






2013   Sydney        Janet Clayton Gallery






2013   Korea           Busan Biennale






2014   Sydney         Paddington Art Prize






2015   Sydney         Doug Moran Art Prize (semi finalist)






2015   Sydney          Fisherman's Ghost Art Prize



















COLLECTION:       National Portrait Gallery Canberra

                                 Thomas Keneally

PUBLICATION:      New Art Four, Uncommon Australian

                                 Australian Watercolour

MEMBERSHIPS:   Australian Watercolour Institute